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Ask.fm tracker!

Ask.Fm Tracker, primary function is to help distressed users in acquiring the Username and IP Address from anonymous questions. Now working on all operational systems, Windows Linux and Mac! We work to prevent the cyber bullying that goes on in Ask.Fm!

Enjoy it, it´s free!

If you are looking for a program that has used to find anonymous users on ask.fm then you found the right place. Ask Fm Anonymous Finder is the best program which you can find on the internet. The program is very well polished. It has many options. For example, the auto update or anti ban feature. The Ask FM IP Tracker works on every operating system. All version of Widows, Linux, Mac. Remember to download programs from a safe source. Mesothelioma. Our program is scanned to exclude viruses that our users can enjoy the use of the program.

We are happy to anounce that Ask FM tracker is now working on all operational systems, Windows Linux and Mac, also tested and proven to work with all phone devices such as Android and Iphone etc.

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Ask Fm IP Tracker

Our old site

For some of our users our product cant be downloaded in their country, so we suggest using this site!
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Download & Use

The program is available to all users, free of charge and can be easily obtained by following the tutorial on the downlaod page...


As an Ask fm tracker was in high demand from users online, our great research team and programmers worked endlessly to create this amazing tool.


We don't ask of you for money, but a small survey to get some credit for our work. If you cannot complete the survey ask a friend to to help you out. The difficulty of the surveys may vary. Mesothelioma


The Program also now has an auto updater which instantly installs all the latest updates there are, keeping our users safe to use our product! This is all the updates at this time, so happy tracking evry one!

Ask.Fm Anonymous Finder

With the Ask Fm Ip Tracker, you can show your friends that you can track Ask.FM questions! Simply enter the URL of the question and press the track button to track the question! Mesothelioma.


- Track your questions!
- Beautiful design for intuitive use.
- Share your results on Facebook
- What are you waiting for? Download it now!


This app is not affiliated with Ask.FM or its creator and was created for entertainment purposes only. Mesothelioma


All items, names, places, pictures and other aspects of the game described within this application are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Mesothelioma